Air Health Retreat

South Serbia

The Climate Resort, a modern-day primordial destination, a removal from the city. A mindful retreat that connects you back to nature with minimalist self-contained accommodation for weekend stay and roof-top allotments for growing and gathering wild berries, honey and other organic health foods from the region.

This open-air roof garden builds a short-term community for guests. The ‘Air Health Retreat’ is placed at the intersection of natural crosswinds where the air flow is optimal to reap the maximum health benefits, offering an option to sit or lay in the sun or to be shaded relaxed within a saltwater open-air pool with spectacular views to the valley below.

Set within a Serbian mountain range with relative proximity to urban centres as an escape destination, being back in nature, breathing clean air and rejuvenating with heavy doses of oxygen as the ultimate luxury. The project is inspired by health resorts known as ‘Air Spas’ with medicinal purposes that were built in post-WW2 in Socialist Eastern Europe. The project architecture is contextually derived from the Brutalist movement of the same era.

Client: Private Developer

Project Status: Concept Delivered

Area: 1,200sqm