Akin Barbers

Dubai, UAE | Built

The Akin Barber & Shop is the creation of a handpicked collective of Dubai based entrepreneurs. The name derives from the notion of a brotherhood of people who appreciate craftsmanship, fine detail and beautiful aesthetics.

The space is the result of a rigorous design and making process that represents hand‐crafted and tactile architecture focused on function and layered interventions.

ANARCHITECT took inspiration from lightweight beach structures and understood and respected the context of the existing urban context. We purposely framed the existing with a solid Ash insertion that created a space within a space to express the different material layers to create a sense of height and lightness whilst defining new but permeable boundaries. Barbering tradition was referenced with a marble lobby floor while the black and white mosaic tiles were used to identify the barbering area of the shop.

Client: Akin Barber & Shop

Project Status: Completed 2015

Area: 35sqm

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