Co.Lab Collective Working

Bahrain Bay, Kingdom of Bahrain | 2021

The conceptual narrative of Co.Lab is pivotal to a space that has the very essence of creativity at its core. Ideas, sketches and doodles start on a blank sheet of white paper, a 3D maquette quickly modelled using simple grey card or an algorithm jotted on a brown paper envelope, this is where entrepreneurial ideas and businesses are created.
The Co.lab collective work space uses materials inspired by these three main colour tones and tactile textures, fused together with a rational geometric grid and proportions inspired by the ratios of international paper standards sizes and the spatial requirement for a functional rigor to establish a balanced and creative series of interconnected and flexible working spaces.

The dialogue starts from the ‘coffee shop’ as a public anchor and the spatial configuration then extends to a ‘relaxed co-work’ and presentation space at the heart of the ground floor and double-height in volume. The final ground floor space is an enclosed communal desk area as the SME progresses to a permanent desk space. The individual office spaces are located on the mezzanine level together with the informal and formal meeting lounges and rooms. The floor levels are interconnected by two large and interlocked double height spaces and an interactive staircase that doubles up as an event and presentation stage and flanked by a continuous library and media wall.

Client: Autarky Partners

Project Status: Under Construction

Area: 420sqm