El Chiringuito Ibiza.Dubai

Dubai, The Palm | Built

El Chiringuito Ibiza.Dubai is a new venture into the UAE’s dynamic hospitality scene. The challenge for ANARCHITECT was to creatively divide the existing landscape and spaces of the property to accommodate new programs adding the new central restaurant structure, kitchen building alongside the new upper entrance garden and connection to the lower pool deck and beach front area, while truly capturing the Balearic relaxed atmosphere, synonymous with the original Es Cavallet Ibizan restaurant & beach club.

The experience of El Chiringuito Ibiza.Dubai is not of a building, nor as a landscape; the spaces created feel naturally connected with the outdoors yet manage to protect guests from the intense climate where most needed. Architects focus was to create a space that felt like the Mediterranean summers in Ibiza not just through aesthetics, but by truly integrating both the indoor and outdoor spaces so that migration between them feels effortless and natural.

The restaurant and lounge furniture was bespoke and custom designed by ANARCHITECT for El Chiringuito Ibiza.Dubai and made in East Asia from kiln-dried solid teak as well as uniquely designed bamboo feature light over the central bar.

Client: El Chiringuito Ibiza

Project Status: Completed 2017

Area: 5,000sqm

Award: Winner of Outdoor Design of the Year, CID Awards 2017 (MENA)