Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi | Built

ANARCHITECT was commissioned to re‐imagine the central atrium at the Manarat Al Saadiyat with a permanent installation to coincide with the opening of Abu Dhabi Art 2014. The installation houses the design store and a reading room.

The form responds to the passive movement of daylight that penetrates the atrium skylights above. MAS created an intimate, permeable and inhabitable space that’s exterior form also subjectively orientates the visitor passing through and around it within the atrium.

Constructed from matte lacquered finishing ply, the form was carved along its length and perpendicularly segmented to allow views from the semi‐closed spaces into the atrium and the open courtyard beyond.

Client: Abu Dhabi Tourism & Cultural Authority

Project Status: Completed 2014

Area: 100sqm

  • MAS 1
  • MAS 2
  • MAS 3
  • MAS 4
  • MAS 5
  • MAS 6
  • MAS 7