Uenergy DIFC

Dubai, UAE | Built

The unique aesthetic of the first Uenergy health club was the result of tight site constraints and the fine balance between privacy and social interaction of its members and the passing public.

Typically gymnasiums operate on a single horizontal level, Uenergy DIFC was different. The vertically connected volumes respond like rooms in a home, each has its individual function and a clear visual connection between one another to maintain and encourage social interaction. Interior Architecture played with a rich material and detail palette for the project and controlled levels of natural light that penetrate deep into the space through louvres. Each internal elevation of the insertion is a layered composition of horizontal mirrored light boxes, in between which sits glazed apertures. The project was designed and completed by ANARCHITECT’s Founder & Director whilst working at Godwin Austen Johnson.

Client: Uenergy Boutique Health Club

Project Status: Completed 2012

Area: 650sqm

  • Uenergy DIFC 1
  • Uenergy DIFC 2
  • Uenergy DIFC 3
  • Uenergy DIFC 4
  • Uenergy DIFC 5
  • Uenergy DIFC 6
  • Uenergy DIFC 7
  • Uenergy DIFC