Uenergy Downtown

Beirut, Lebanon | Built

Uenergy Downtown is the second project for the brand and first in Beirut. The health club captures the original energy created in Dubai and synthesizes the essences of life in Beirut, amplifying the social dynamic of the local lifestyle and contextually responding to the historical and cultural heart of the Downtown district.

ANARCHITECT was challenged with creating a dynamic sequence of spaces and inserting wellness program both vertically and horizontally into a non‐conventional space. This has enriched the overall experience of the health club and created a new opportunity to explore the relationship between different levels which have now become part of a journey of discovery and a new engaging take on way‐finding around the Uenergy health clubs.

Client: Uenergy Boutique Health Club

Project Status: Completed 2013

Area: 1,000sqm

Award: CID Awards 2015 (MENA), Shortlisted for International Project of the Year

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