Wallpaper* Handmade X – Love Handles

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ANARCHITECT were invited by Wallpaper* Magazine to participate in their 10th Anniversary, prestigious Handmade exhibition in Milan, Italy as part of Milan Design Week 2019.

In collaboration with artisanal leather maker OTZI London, ANARCHITECT conceived the design and creation of three-piece ‘Love Handles’ collection under the overarching exhibitions them of ‘LOVE’ for the 2019 international showcase exhibition.

‘Door handles are a bit of an obsession in architecture circles,’ say Jonathan and Militza Ashmore of Dubai- and London-based practice ANARCHITECT. ‘They are a nostalgic symbol of our most precious commodity – privacy.’ Playing up to this infatuation, the practice dreamt up its own ideal range of levers and knobs – each covered in a layer of memory foam and soft leather to ensure a tactile experience, which they liken to holding the hand of a loved one’

Design: ANARCHITECT 2019
Artisan Leather work: OTZI London
Production: Paris & London